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With a solid, proactive focus on saving as many lives as possible, in conditions where all involved in healthcare, can perform essential duties in a secure, safe, efficient and medically ideal environment of any setting, MKISC offers a variety of unique solutions and breakthrough technologies in the field of portable and static clean environment systems for the Covid-19 – Coronavirus Pandemic

In identifying the growing needs for both the medical and industrial markets, MKISC has teamed with a leading Israeli innovator in manufacturing efficient, high quality, yet simple to maintain, transport and operate, clean environment systems for any defined space that needs to be clean and free of contaminants such as particles, bacteria, microbes, etc.

All technologies have broad applications in delivering both positive and negative air pressure systems.



The Covid-19, Corona Virus Pandemic has changed the way we behave and how we socialize.

Business, education sport and essential services must carry on their daily routines and continue while life must go on as normally as possible.

The DEKEL Covid-19, Secure Zone Easy Access Control Technology ensures continuity and assists in keeping people distantly safe & secure, healthy and protected without the burden of being physically searched or having a hand-held thermometer come into close proximity and present possible dangers.

For more information on this unique modular and scalable product for every industry application, please go to www.covid19-securezone.com