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Marc Kahlberg is a leading expert on counter terrorism and strategic facility protection. Marc uses his vast experience to impart knowledge, practical skills and information, in order to highlight vulnerabilities within agencies and organizations. His skills will ensure that the audience level of awareness of security protocols and technologies is raised. He has recently completed his first book which is expected to be published late 2011.

Marc Kahlberg has been involved in training and advising Israel’s police units as well as International police agencies and organizations throughout the world since 1998.

He has worked amongst terrorists, who murdered innocent children, whilst serving in the Israel Defense Force at maximum security military prisons. Marc served as a detective in various intelligence units where he dealt with organized crime families, human trafficking rings, and established and commanded a specialized police unit in Netanya.

Marc Kahlberg responded to 49 terrorist attacks including the Park Hotel where he lost friends and physically carried out body parts of those massacred in the carnage of terror. Today, Marc’s in depth understanding of a terrorist’s psyche enables him to ensure that his strategies are forward thinking and his security protocols are both futuristic in nature and execution. He was spokesman for Israel’s Police force to all International media during the disengagement from Gaza in 2005. Marc is a frequent commentator for the Jerusalem Post and has appeared on many International television and radio networks, including CNN, CBS, Fox, BBC and more.

Marc has taught and lectured to amongst others the FBI, NYPD, US Customs and Border, The Manhattan Institute, South African Police, Botswana Police, the Nelson Mandela University and more. His creation of the “Secure Zone Concept” as a method of thwarting terror attacks has held International acclaim and application, and is now being used successfully around the world. The success of the security throughout the 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa is a prime example of the concepts accomplishments.

Marc’s special interests are intelligence as well as diplomacy, foreign policy of Israel and its international relations campaign through the media.

Marc has spent over 20 Years conducting field research on the relations between the Palestinian Islamists, jihadists and Israel. He is the writer of many white papers which have been transformed into policing policies and procedures.

In 2002 Marc was honored by the Israeli Minister of Police and the Israeli National Police Chief for his innovation, in not only reducing the terror threat, but cutting the crime rate in his jurisdiction by 70%.


  • Strategic Facilities Protection (Soft Targets)
  • Responding to a Bombing or event of mass casualty
  • Technology as a means of intelligence and information
  • The Secure Zone Concept
  • Security Architecture – Practical holistic concepts
  • Integrating the balance between people, procedures and technology
  • Winning the war against terror from the street level

“On Site” Training and Lectures

It gives me pleasure to be able to propose a unique two day training program where I willpersonally be available to lecture and train invited only guests from the law enforcement, fire/rescue services, students, emergency management, community leaders and business owners in your area.

Course Description: Integrating classic policing with the burden of thwarting terror.

  • The “suicide bomber phenomena” in a changing world.
  • Overview- Terror Organizations, IED's, VBIEDs – where the threat lies.
  • Israeli Police methods of operation for dealing with IED scenarios.
  • Who is the “first responder” and what are their roles?
  • Threat Assessment and Analysis for „soft targets”
  • Strategic Facilities Protection (Soft Targets) – Essential planning.
  • Responding to a Bombing or event of mass casualty.
  • Technology as a means of intelligence and information.
  • The “Secure Zone Concept”.
  • Security Architecture – practical holistic concepts.
  • Integrating the balance between people, procedures and technology.
  • Thwarting terror and violent crime from the street level.
  • Proactive instead of Reactive as a cost effective method.
  • Decentralizing decision making.
  • Marrying performance levels to community.
  • The intelligence cycle for being pro active in securing your community.

The methodologies, modules and training methods employed by the “MK ISC” group and presented by Marc Kahlberg, are based on decades of operational experience protecting the citizens of Israel and confronting the shifting threats of the global terrorist network. Using these very methods we have seen a drop of over 95% of suicide and or VBIED attacks over the past two years.
This course will deliver theoretical proactive approaches and tactical training advice for those that are interested in advancing and upgrading their security policies.

Dates: Please contact Marc at info@mkisc.com

Payment and Terms: $250 per person. – Class must consist of a minimum of 35 people.

Documentation: Training documentation, case studies, and presentation handouts will be provided on completion of the course to each trainee.


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